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Greenhouse Produce
How can we provide locally grown delicious insect and disease free produce earlier than anyone else in the area? Simple - our produce is grown in greenhouses!! Our greenhouses are equipped with clear plastic walls, which allow them to conserve heat while still allowing light to filter through. This creates an ideal environment for growing numerous varieties of plants including tomatoes, carrots, squash, cucumbers, okra, green beans and many others.

Plants grown within a greenhouse aren't subject to the same degree of temperature variation as plants grown in an outdoor garden. Greenhouses work by trapping radiation from the sun inside the enclosure, which results in heat retention in the structure which in turn, allows us to extend the growing season of plants that would not thrive in the colder climate outside of the greenhouse.
Greenhouses also prevent insect damage. Many varieties of plants are prone to damage from insects. A greenhouse keeps plants in isolation, locked safely away from the outside world where insects, rodents and other animals could damage crops. So, not only do we provide you with delicious spring produce but our produce is also disease and insect free.

To find out what produce is available call 423-768-3226 or for directions to our nursery click here.